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By-Law modification


The municipality may receive several requests for modifications to the zoning By-Law, either from associations or from a group of citizens. Since the process to make these changes can take several months, the municipal council accumulates requests to be revised normally in the fall to be included in the municipal budget of the following year. This way, when it comes time for public consultation, the schedule can be organized to include seasonal residents.

It is also possible for an individual citizen to request a modification of the regulations at a cost of $1000.00.

Zoning By-Laws shape municipalities and living environments. This is why there are public consultations and participation procedures when a zoning change is proposed.

As an example, herewith is a procedure table.

Please note that all By-Law modification procedures come from the articles of two separate laws and the municipal code. When reading the table you will see the deadlines imposed by the various laws or codes. This does not constitute a legal document and should not be construed as such.



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