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Wentworth, May 2024 – The W.I.L.D. TRUST invites you to participate in its 2 next events:

To find out more and purchase your tickets, visit: www.wildfiducietrust.ca

Wentworth: Investing in Legacy Development

The Municipal Council is aware of the pressure of real estate development surrounding us and wishes to preserve our rural community and its natural wonders. With this in mind, the Municipal Council unanimously adopted an Environmental Policy at its regular meeting held on June 7th, 2021, to preserve large areas of land.

This Policy is titled W.I.L.D. to emphasize the values it contains, namely Wentworth: Investing in Legacy Development.

Thus, the Municipal Council wishes to reiterate its commitment to promote the conservation of the biodiversity of its territory for future generations.

The Municipal Council is proud to present its W.I.L.D. Policy: (Click HERE)




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WILD Policy

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