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BY-LAW 2021-002

Adoption of Borrowing By-Law to decree capital expenditures in the amount of $142,728 to finance the upgrading of the Lake Louisa Dam

  • By-Law number 2021-002 (Click HERE)
  • Annex A - Estimated Cost (Click HERE)
  • Annex B - Tax Basin (Click HERE)
  • Plans (Click HERE)
  • Illustration - affected sector (Click HERE)

  • Public Notice to qualified voters within the waterfront sector of Lake Louisa (Click HERE)
  • Form - request for the holding of a referendum (Click HERE)
  • CERTIFICATE - RESULT of the registration process of qualified voters (Click HERE)

Public Notice, By-Law, Annexes & Illustration may be consulted annexed hereto, or at the Municipal Office during opening hours, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4:30 pm.

For any questions or additional infomation, feel free to contact us at (450) 562-0701 or by email at info@wentworth.ca



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