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The 2024 Boating Season
officially opens this Saturday, May 18th!

Boat Wash Station
116 ch. Louisa, Wentworth (fire hall)


  • Monday to Friday: 9am to 4:30pm
    (by appointment only | 450-562-0701)

  • Saturday & Sunday: 8am to 4pm
  • Public Holidays: 9am to 4pm

You have a visitor?
It is your responsibility to make sure that their boat is washed

**Look out for our upcoming newsletters to follow the progress of the implementation of the new regulation and the new automated hot water system installations**


A sticker will be issued for each boat registered once the following forms have been completed:


On Giles Road, you'll find a municipal landing for access to Lake Louisa.
To get an access key, please contact the Municipality at (450) 562-0701.


The municipal By-Law currently in force:

Draft By-Laws in progress:

SINCE 2015...

Faced with the awareness of citizens and elected officials, and the fact that some people were washing their boats in places that could have a direct impact on lake water quality, it was in 2015 that the Municipality set up the current washing station. Over the years, the Municipality has followed the evolution of techniques and research on the subject, and knew that improvements could be made. In 2023, the presence of aquatic invasive species was confirmed in 2 lakes on its territory, notably the Chinese Mystery Snail.

2024: 9 years later, the Municipal Council wishes to amend the By-Law and modernize its washing facilities to ensure that all types of boats navigating the water bodies in the Township of Wentworth avoid putting them at risk.

This season will be a period of transition, without changing the goal, which is to prevent the invasion of water bodies by AIS, avoid their spread, maintain water quality and ensure the safe use of water bodies on its territory.

**Look out for our upcoming newsletters to follow the progress of the implementation of the new regulation and the new automated hot water system installations**

Be safe and enjoy the season!

Washing to prevent spreading:
What you can do to fight AIS
(French only)


An aquatic invasive species is a plant, animal or micro-organism (virus or bacterium) introduced outside its natural range, whose establishment or spread poses a threat to the environment, the economy or society. And the repercussions are considerable.

Chinese Mystery Snail: To learn more...


Eurasian water-milfoil: A short guide to avoid an invasion


Aquatic Invasive Species - WANTED: Identification Booklet



(French only)

A free web-based tool by the Conseil régional de l'environnement (CRE) Laurentides that centralizes and emplasizes the existing information about lakes on the territory is now online!

> to learn more

The LLPOA and the Protection of Lake Louisa

Lake Louisa Property Owner's Association (LLPOA) raise the Township of Wentworth citizens' awareness by giving access to relevant information on the extensive damage that invasive species can cause to water quality and public health.

View their original video capsule on YouTube by clicking this link HERE:



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