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Tips and Tricks

For a healthy lawn

Tip #1
For a healthy lawn, opt for a polyculture. Did you know that a variety of seeds can reduce soil erosion? For easy maintenance, mix the seeds among those proposed :

  • Fine fescues (grass and dock)
  • White clover
  • Ryegrass
  • Kentucky bluegrass

Tip # 2
For a drought resistant lawn, cut the grass to 8 cm or 3 inches. When mowing, it is also interesting to practice grasscycling. This consists of leaving the grass cuttings on the ground after mowing to provide nutrients. Finally, it is a good idea to over-seed each year. To do this, add compost.

Tip # 3
The environment will also thank you if you limit grassy areas. To do this, sow ground covers:

  • Periwinkle
  • Bugleherb
  • Lily of the valley
  • Lysimachia

Or, use seeds that do not require mowing such as :

  • White clover
  • Bird's-foot trefoil
  • Creeping thyme
  • Violets
  • Wild strawberry
  • Sedum
  • Spring bulbs

Finally, in May, push back the first lawn mowing. Leave the dandelions growing so that the pollinating insects can start the season well.


To discover the environmental regulations

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Vegetation Control

To reduce the risk of short circuits and damage to the electrical distribution system, Hydro-Québec needs to trim branches near medium-voltage lines and cut down diseased or unstable trees that are at risk of falling on power lines.

To find out if Hydro-Québec will be pruning trees in your neighborhood, just click HERE.



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