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Pesticides and fertilizers (under verification - available soon)

 - By-Law number 2007-004, By-Law with respect to the use of Pesticides and Fertilizers on the territory of the Township of Wentworth

 - Summary of Pesticides and Fertilizers By-Law

 - Highlights of the Regulations on Shores and Beds of Lakes and Water Courses

(in French only)

 Présentation - La protection des bandes riveraines: rôles et responsabilités des municipalités et des citoyens

 Présentation - La gestion et l'exploitation forestière dans le Canton de Wentworth

 Présentation - Les castors: les responsabilités de la MRC et des municipalités d'Argenteuil

ATLAS OF LAKES (French only)

A free web-based tool by the Conseil régional de l'environnement CRE Laurentides that centralizes and emplasizes the existing information about lakes on the territory is now online!

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You may consult at any time : https://ottawariver.ca/conditions/


Lake Louisa Property Owner’s Association (LLPOA) raise the Township of Wentworth citizens' awareness by giving access to relevant information on the extensive damage that invasive species can cause to water quality and public health.

View their original video capsule on YouTube by clicking this link:

Vegetation Control

To reduce the risk of short circuits and damage to the electrical distribution system, Hydro-Québec needs to trim branches near medium-voltage lines and cut down diseased or unstable trees that are at risk of falling on power lines.

We wish to inform you that by the end of June 2014 Hydro-Québec will pursue the pruning and cutting of trees located near its distribution line in various sectors of your municipality

To find out if Hydro-Québec will be pruning trees in your neighborhood, just click HERE.



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