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By-Law concerning Dog Control


In order to comply with the decree of the Provincial Government concerning the control of dogs, the Municipality has updated its By-Law.

In accordance with
BY-LAW NUMBER 2020-003, your dogs must be registered: 

  • If you have not yet registered your dog, please contact us to obtain a license at a cost of $5.00 per dog as well as complete a form no later than June 3rd.
  • If your dog is already registered, do not forget to renew the license by paying the annual registration fee of $5.00$, due no later than June 3rd of each year.

*Dog owners or guardians who have their main residence elsewhere in Quebec are excluded from this obligation.

  • Consult the Municipal By-Law number 2020-003, "Public Security By-Law concerning Dog Control" : HERE
  • Complete the FORM: HERE

For any additional information, please contact the Town Planning Department at (450) 562-0701.




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