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Wentworth, April 5th, 2022 – The Municipality of the Township of Wentworth will finally have its convenience store!

The Municipality is pleased to announce a new commercial project in the heart of our community to provide much needed basic services to our area. With Council listening to its citizens, it is recurrent to hear that the lack of commerce in Wentworth is a shortcoming. 

Investissement MGLB Inc., whose administrators have their main residence in Wentworth and are well aware of the needs of the citizens, has just acquired a piece of land from the municipality next to the Town Hall for the development of an innovative project. The company is undertaking the construction of a multi-functional commercial building, hoping to have it up and running by early summer. The commercial building will include a small gas station, an automated convenience store and rental space. It will blend in well with our rural environment, its design will match the Town Hall and function within the financial and logistical constraints of our community. 

The company's receptivity to ideas to meet the needs of the community gives us confidence that their project will fit well in Wentworth. The proximity of the multi-use and snowmobile trails, as well as the municipal parks, will provide a gathering place for our citizens and visitors to the area. We wish them great success and we hope that the community will show their support in buying local.   



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