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Wentworth, June 30th, 2022
The importance of being a good neighbour
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I would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a belated Happy St-Jean and an upcoming Happy Canada Day, as well as remind you all of the importance of being a good neighbour as we celebrate over the long weekends and throughout the summer. The Municipality received several nuisance complaints after this last weekend and we thought it would be an opportune time to refresh everyone’s memories about some of our existing and new By-Laws.

In more densely populated areas, especially around lakes, noise and light can disturb our neighbours and travels more easily over water. For that reason, the curfew for all exterior noise is set at 11pm. As well, exterior lights should be directed down towards the ground as much as possible, while avoiding reflecting on water within reason.

While fireworks are enjoyable to look at, not all the community appreciates the noise associated with them, especially late at night. A reminder that the Municipality requires a permit to set off fireworks, which can be obtained at the Municipal Office. Again, there are restrictions on the hours when they can be enjoyed and are completely restricted during fire bans. As well, there are rules to ensure Public Safety and proper preparation before setting them off, which must be explained when obtaining your permit.

For those that are unaware, the Municipality is in the final steps of adoption for a new regulation on short term rentals. Council has heard the repeated complaints over the years about the lack of respect of local By-Laws, especially nuisance By-Laws, by short term renters. In an effort to curb these problems without punishing our responsible renters, we have adopted new measures to ensure the protection of the community including a new operations permit requirement that is revocable based on numerous verified cases of disregard of nuisance By-Laws.  

Finally, although I fully believe that the vast majority of us are considerate of our neighbours while enjoying summer activities, there  will always remain a few people that take things too far on occasion. Our
By-Laws provide for hefty fines in the case of offense and we encourage anyone to file a complaint with the Municipality if things get excessive. However, we also understand that most offenses occur outside of business hours and, as we have said many times, you should always file a complaint outside of these hours with the police as they have the power to enforce our nuisance By-Laws and issue fines.

The Council and I wish you all a very enjoyable summer and hope you take a few seconds to consider your neighbour before any activity to ensure that everyone can benefit from our wonderful outdoor life.

Your Mayor,
Jason Morrison


Source: Township of Wentworth

For information:
Natalie Black

General Manager and Clerk-Treasurer
450 562-0701 (ext. 2926)





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